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Cartire jewelry in 1847 formally established by Luis Francois Katia in Paris. 1902, Cartire jewelry shop have been established in other shops in London and New York, Cartire has become the two city the headquarters of the british. According to legend, only two of fathers and sons, Cartire has become the king of the world "jewelry." In modern times, it is the world's most famous jewelry brand Cartire series. Including Cartire rings, bracelets and necklaces, Cartire Cartire love best-selling famous throughout the world. People bought the Cartire series is not only because of its high quality also believe it's reputation. Moreover, many actors wearing Cartire love series. Cartire series propaly by "these first choice to become the major jewelry. Cartire ring witnessed many couples really love. cartier love ring Each Cartire wedding ring was born is a true portrayal of a new combination. Creative design, emotional sparks from the beginning to the long-term accumulation of sublimation; they choose as careful a crowd of two fresh human conference. The production process of Cartire ring is a new couples who have experienced a lot of difficulties as. Finally, the newlyweds will give each other Cartire ring, hope that two of them are love, living together forever. At the same time, the Cartire bracelet is widely known because of its famous legend. First designed in 1969 by Cartire designer Aldo cipullo. What is the significance of the design of true love and loyalty to the "love" bracelet expression.
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